What Should You Expect From a Wedding DJ in Denver Colorado

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DJ For Wedding in Denver Colorado and Denver Metro areas.  Your wedding reception is a very important LIFE CYCLE EVENT.  It must be perfect, amazing and the best and most memorable experience for you, your family, friends and all of your invited guests.  We may very well be your PERFECT WEDDING DJ IN DENVER COLORADO!

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Meet You In Person Before You Confirm Services:  Never hire someone based on price alone!  Your Denver Wedding DJ needs to match your personality, style, taste and be able to meet your vision and expectations you’ve set for your special wedding day.  Your DJ is your ambassador during your wedding reception.  They are making announcements on your behalf.  Introducing you to all of your guests, bringing attention to you on the center of the dance floor for your first dance and working with all of your other vendors.  Do you really want to “chance” that with someone you’ve not yet met in person?

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Be Your Event Planning Assistant / Coordinator:  Unless you hired a professional wedding planner, you’re left to plan everything yourself.  A quality wedding DJ will fill the role of “wedding planner” by assisting you with the timeline, activities, vendor coordination (during event), direct communication with your venue prior to your wedding day and coordination during your wedding – Manage the flow of your timeline during your wedding and communicate the details with all of your participating vendors – Make changes as needed and keep you in the loop, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the evening.  YOU ARE THE BOSS!  A good wedding DJ will offer you professional advice and recommendations, but ultimately, you get to make all of the final decisions that are in your best interest.  DJ Brian Howe recognizes how important this day is to you and is ready to be your planning partner and execute everything to your complete satisfaction!

Compliment The Evening.  Not Complicate It:  The role of a wedding DJ in Denver is to provide professional wedding DJ entertainment services when it is appropriate (during dancing).  Not be the center of attention.  This day is ABOUT YOU.  Not The DJ.  Before the dance floor opens up, a wedding DJ must provide the proper atmosphere during cocktails & dinner.  This means music set to a reasonable volume so that guests can socialize without shouting over the music.  The choice of music is important as it sets the tone for the evening.  Although cocktail & dinner music is considered “background music”, the style of music creates the ambiance.  DTP Events takes this very seriously and creates playlists that create the ideal experience for you and your guests to enjoy while socializing and eating.  As the client (aka “guest of honor”), you can decide on the type of music you wish to have for cocktail hour and dinner.  Your professional wedding DJ will assist with ideas and provide examples of successful background music playlists.


Be Approachable: During your wedding, guests should feel comfortable coming up to your wedding DJ and be able to ask for their specific song requests.  Your wedding DJ entertainer should be very accommodating to your guests, even if they are unable to fulfill their requests.  By the time your wedding day comes, your DJ will already have a playlist created by you.  There will be songs that you will want played by your DJ and songs that you do not want played, even if requested.  Being friendly and having an approachable personality while respecting your song wishes, is  A MUST!