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DJ + Musician Combo entertainment Fuzed by DTP Events Denver Colorado

DJ + Musician = FUZED… The hottest trend in special event entertainment!

DJ Musician combo packages are the hottest new trend in special event entertainment. DJ Musician Combo!! Yes!  A special exclusive new feature product that “fuzes” the benefits of a professional & versatile Disc Jockey spinning all your favorite hits with the live performance value of a musician enhancing your music & dancing experience.  FUZED is based around […]

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6 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas (Pt. 2)

Continuing from 6 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas (Pt. 1), here, we will continue to highlight some fun, festive New Year’s Eve party ideas that can make your celebration this year one of your best New Year’s Eve parties ever! NYE Party Idea 4 – Play the New Year’s resolution game. As each guest arrives […]

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6 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas (Pt. 1)

If you are putting on a New Year’s Eve party this year, here are some great party ideas that can keep the mood festive and maximize your guests’ fun! NYE Party Idea 1 – Have your guests RSVP to your party with their 3 favorite songs. Then, compile a playlist for the evening that includes […]

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