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7 Ideas for Your Christmas Party Entertainment (Pt. 1)

Whether you are planning a small get together with friends or a more formal event for colleagues, clients or work acquaintances, your Christmas party entertainment can make a huge difference in the experience you and your guests have! In this two-part blog, we will point out some fun Christmas party entertainment ideas that you may […]

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6 Fun Bar Mitzvah Game Ideas (Pt. 2)

Picking up from where 6 Fun Bar Mitzvah Game Ideas (Pt. 1) left off, here are some more fun bar mitzvah games that can get your guests involved in the fun and keep everyone partying for hours. More Fun Bar Mitzvah Game Ideas… Hula Hoop Pass Players: Unlimited, but your venue may have space constrictions […]

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6 Fun Bar Mitzvah Game Ideas (Pt. 1)

A fun part of bar and bat mitzvah celebrations can be the games that the guests play together. While these games can help break the ice right after all of the guests first arrive, throughout the party, they can get guests laughing and keep the party fun and lively! In this blog series, we’ll point […]

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